Did you know that One Online Course can Transform Your Life Business from minutes-for-dollars model into a 6-figure impact and freedom? 

Hi friend! 👋🏻

I know you are here because you want to package your unique gifts and expertise into a stunning and profitable online course. 

The problem is, you don't know how to put it all together.

Where should you start? What should you do first and how to do it the right way?

Let me ask you: How many times have you invested in a coach that gave you a bunch of information yet very little training on how to apply it into your business, so you were left wondering  WHAT DO I DO NOW? 

I personally experienced it more times than I am ready to admit. 

See, most coaches don't deliver all the why's and how's. There is a big difference between sharing content and teaching someone how to apply what they've learned and create revenue with their online course. 

That's where I come in! 🙋🏻‍♀️


💡 Let's sit down together and craft a prefect online course path for you. ♡



1:1 VIP Coaching Experience is designed to help you gain clarity, momentum, and give you specific step-by-step actions tailored to your needs for creating and launching your profitable online course. I can't wait to see if we are a good fit for each other to work on your business!

Working with me is for you if:

👉🏻 You feel STUCK

You don't know what to do first, but you know there's a course in you. You feel overwhelmed thinking about how to have more clients and still have some time left for yourself. You are tired & overworked. It's time for a change!

👉🏻 You want FREEDOM

You want for your first online course to attract and convert high paying clients and grow your list. You want to create a business that works for you 24/7 and delivers the freedom you desperately desire.

👉🏻 You are READY

You have taken online courses and consumed a ton of theory. You've grabbed every single ebook you can get your hands on. Today, you are finally ready to pull the plug and launch a profitable online course people rave about.


Gain clarity, momentum, and specific step-by-step actions tailored to your needs for creating and launching a profitable online course.


Spots are limited. Take action now! 🚨

You are just one click away from completely changing your life.

"Katarina is exceptionally gifted. Her sincere desire to provide value to her clients permeates everything that she does. As a Kajabi expert, you will never have to worry about the technology related to building your course. But, of far higher value is her intuitive and kind expertise in understanding and blasting through any fears which may stand between you and success. I wouldn't be where I am without her!"

Jeff L.

"Thank you, Katarina! Without your astute teaching, I would be lost. I was able to add three clients before the program even started! As tech challenged as I am, you have been nothing short of a miracle worker. I see myself doing things I did not imagine I was capable of. I appreciate your friendship, knowledge, and patient manner."

Michele S.

"I have never met a coach so committed to clients' success. Katarina, you had believed in me when I wasn't, and you have given me the strength and knowledge to build my online program. You have an incredible ability to bring clarity to my tech-challenged mind. My first launch brought in $9,000! You made that happen! Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Linda J.

"I always wanted to build a membership site. I've been thinking about it for years. Then I met Katarina - kind, helpful, sincere, and she knew her stuff. Her step-by-step instructions and help were so invaluable through this process. Her vision for my business was bigger than my own! After the launch, I was content with 27 members. Katarina thought we shouldn't stop there. Per her recommendation, I've built an online course and made it a central part of my membership site. Today, I doubled my revenue! I am forever grateful."

Ann M.


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All applications are screened within 48 hours to ensure we are the right fit and can achieve your desired results.