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Every successful online course is built on 3 key pillars:

brand/business DNA
online course design/build roadmap 
strategic pre-launch/launch plan 
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This highly detailed workbook is an essential piece of the puzzle for building your next profitable online course. But that's not all! (I always wanted to say that 😂) The information you'll discover will help you communicate your gifts throughout platforms - socials, blogs, emails, or on your next webinar.

When people understand what you do and how you can help them, they are more likely to buy from you, and you get a chance to build your business faster and transform more lives.


Creating online courses, especially if you have never done one before, can be scary. In this ebook, I've laid out steps to help you transform your idea into a stunning online course success. 

Don't get stuck building your online course. Understand the right structure, and gain a dash of confidence before you start selling. ♡


+ You have packaged your expertise into a high-converting online course but are unsure how to launch it into the world?
+ You have launched a course before, but it didn't go as well as you hoped for?
+ You are worried it will be too stressful, unmanageable, and tech-heavy?

If you answered YES to any of the questions, this ebook is for you. It will help you understand the steps you'll need to take to accomplish a profitable course launch in a comfortable, repeatable way.

There's no better time than NOW!

Download the bundle, learn the key components [the must-have strategies], and create some serious momentum in your online course business.

"Katarina's work, dedication and her knowledge of "making it happen" has been such a blessing. When selling real estate you always have to be on your game with marketing, website, advertising etc. Katarina helped me create my website. She is super patient. If you are looking to spice up your website, or need some marketing ideas for your business, Kat is amazing! I would highly recommend her to anyone and not only is she full of ideas but she comes with a BIG 💜"

Tracy Doonanco
Real Estate Agent

"Someone told me about this young lady and the good work she was doing. Contacted Katarina and after the first discussion meeting I felt so comfortable with her that went forward. Now, I have a website I can manage myself after some simple training and the fear of making a mistake is gone. Support is an e-mail away or a phone call away. I highly recommend her for anyone wishing to learn, and expand their business. She works wonders after allowing you to present your ideas. Easy to work with yet very professional in her work."

Janet & Bill Parker
Art Dealers

"Katarina Hadden is a force! She custom created and hand painted the mandala that graces the wall at Yoga Cold Lake. The result of our shared vision and her artistry has become our logo and represents our studio well. I am filled with gratitude each time I see it. Beyond her skills with a paint brush, this woman is manifestation in action! I have witnessed with awe as she has pursued her goals and dreams with commitment, persistence, and unwavering dedication. She is evidence of what happens when knowledge, positive habits and hard work combine. Having collaborated with Kat on a few things, and shared big thoughts feeling and ideas, I can attest to the fact that she is so very capable of helping a person, business or organization enhance their presence. Imagine what having someone with her character and skill set can do to support you toward your vision!"

Angela Plaquin
Physiotherapist, Certified Yoga Teacher & Life Coach, Owner of "Yoga Cold Lake" Yoga Studio

"Katarina is a professional of the highest caliber! She always goes above and beyond what is expected and her client care cannot be surpassed! Katarina takes the time to listen, and HEAR what it is her clients are looking for and she makes their dreams a reality! She is creative, knowledgeable and caring and all these attributes equate to Katarina being the best person you could have on your digital entrepreneurial team!"

Kirsten Gaucher
Certified Life Coach & Grief Mentor

"We had been looking for a graphic designer for several months for our sign company, but the few ones I got in touch with never seemed able to meet our taste. Finally, when I discovered Katarina through word of mouth, it appeared likely that such a passionate designer would be the partner we had been looking for — which became obvious as soon as we started working together. After reviewing our requirements, Katarina sent us a few proposals and, taking great care, created numerous modifications. Most importantly, each modification introduced that special detail that makes all the difference. Needless to say, we are extremely satisfied with her design results every time. Katarina is incredibly professional, organized, and amazing to work with!"

Alicia Gratton
Wrapwell Canada

"Katarina was a pleasure to work with when we asked her to help design a gym mural for us at St. Dominic School. After a short consultation meeting, she was able to create multiple designs for us to choose from. Her creativity and artistic talent resulted in a stunning mural that really captured the essence of our mascot Dominic the Dolphin. Students and parents were so excited when we unveiled the mural, and even today, people new to the school or touring the school remark on how wonderful the mural is."

Michelle Kaminski
St. Dominic Elementary School Principal

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