Hi, I'm Katarina

I teach people how to design, build, and launch profitable online courses & monetize knowledge online using their unique set of skills and abilities. 
Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, has a gift/talent/skill that people would pay a premium price to learn. I will help you package it into a stunning online course that people rave about.

It’s time we scale your influence and impact! 🚀

I’ve put together some killer freebies to help you accelerate your online course business.

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This highly detailed workbook is an essential piece of the puzzle for building your next profitable online course. But that's not all! (I always wanted to say that 😂) The information you'll discover will help you communicate your gifts throughout platforms - socials, blogs, emails, or on your next webinar.

When people understand what you do and how you can help them, they are more likely to buy from you, and you get a chance to build your business faster and transform more lives.


Creating online courses, especially if you have never done one before, can be scary. In this ebook, I've laid out steps to help you transform your idea into a stunning online course success. 

Don't get stuck building your online course. Understand the right structure, and gain a dash of confidence before you start selling. ♡


+ You have packaged your expertise into a high-converting online course but are unsure how to launch it into the world?
+ You have launched a course before, but it didn't go as well as you hoped for?
+ You are worried it will be too stressful, unmanageable, and tech-heavy?

If you answered YES to any of the questions, this ebook is for you. It will help you understand the steps you'll need to take to accomplish a profitable course launch in a comfortable, repeatable way.


Every successful [and profitable] online course is built on three key pillars: your brand/business DNA, design/build roadmap, and strategic pre-launch/launch plan. Download the bundle, learn the key components [the must-have strategies], and create some serious momentum in your online course business. There's no better time than NOW!


Hi friend! 👋🏻
I'm so glad you found me.

I know you are here because you want to package your unique gifts and expertise into a stunning and profitable online course. You dream of building a business around those expertise and help others.
I get it because I wanted the same thing!
The problem is, you don't know how to put it all together.
Where should you start? What should you do first and how to do it the right way?
Over the years, I've tried many different things done in 100 different ways, failed more times than I can count, but I figured it out.
Trading time for $$$ can only take us so far. Who knew! 🤦🏻‍♀️
Today, with over ten years of online business, design, brand and online course coaching experience, a bachelor's degree in graphic design, I've learned a thing or two about smart design, branding, messaging, and building an online course business.
If you are ready to build a business around your gifts and expertise, and an online platform that assists you in building consistent revenue, and you need someone to teach you how, that's what I do!

Cheers to your success 🥂,

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An online group coaching program designed to help you succeed in building & launching a profitable online course. Think a complete, holding your hand kind of support. You'll spend zero time worrying about tech and be able to focus on creating and selling your unique knowledge and skill. 


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The Ultimate Course Creator Bundle

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